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Instead of merely holding websites, our mission is to refine, cultivate and advance sites to their full potential, providing end users with an enhanced experience.


Websites & Applications

Content based websites and mobile applications is how MPL started. A big part of our portfolio is revolved around education and word related games, including crosswords, puzzles, sudoku and the like.

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Digital Strategy Consulting

Consulting specialties include search engine marketing, user experience and interface enhancements to improve engagement, mobile strategy offerings, and much more.


Deal Sourcing

We are seeking to acquire stable websites with recurring traffic and generally positive user experiences. A big plus if the web property has a positive impact on the world!

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Our Team

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    Praveen Latchamsetty

    Chief Architect

    About Praveen Latchamsetty

    Praveen hails from Northbrook, IL and has spent 10+ years cultivating websites in various niches.  While he has a background in finance which he enjoyed, Praveen decided to quit his former finance role in order to turn a passion and hobby into a full time endeavor.  He has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, online content creation, SEO and ui/ux.  Praveen graduated with a BA from Northwestern University and most recently with a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan in 2011.

  • Testimonial

    Hugh Dixon

    Web Developer

    About Hugh Dixon

    Hugh is a freelance web designer and developer, from Wiltshire, UK.  He specializes in WordPress-based websites, and uses cross-browser compatible standards-based code in his work.  Hugh has been active in web design and web development for 9 years.  Hugh is passionate about wordpress and has built up extensive experience with the full WP experience.  Prior to this role, he worked in tech dev roles for Sun Microsystems and Annabel Chaffer.  Hugh has a BS from the University of Kent.

User Experience

We simply want to make sure our users are getting the best experience possible, frustration and hassle free.

Timeless Design

A good clean look to represent current web environment.

Fresh Content

Up to date and accurate information is of upmost importance to content based websites.

Precise Targeting

Geo-specific content so that users may have access to data that is most relevant to them.

Customer Voice

Customer feedback treated with highest importance. The truest measuring stick of our performance is customer feedback.

Fit to Grow

Our web properties are designed to handle growth and in fact demands it.

Attention to Detail

While still always striving to put out better content, we pay close attention to detail.

User Experience
Ad Optimization
Website Acquisition
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Mobile Applications
Content Creation
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Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.

Our Partners

Our co-working space and a list of brands and ad agencies we have had the pleasure of working with.